Day Group - Six Decades of Serving the North

"He had a half-ton, small single-axle, and plenty of drive to get him started. In those days, the Sudbury region was just starting to come into its own."

It all began ...

  • 57years
  • William Day
  • William Day President of Day Group


The depression was conquered, the war was won and Sudbury's economy was undergoing unprecedented expansion due to Inco and Falconbridge and the strong demand for nickel in the world market. The city and its infrastructure requirements were expanding as well.

Bill's first municipal contract came from the township of Dowling. He hauled anything that needed hauling and in the winter he plowed snow. His father, Oben Day, was a carpenter by trade and worked in the construction industry.

Father and son teamed up and were soon contracted by both Falconbridge and the M.J. Poupore Lumber Company to do construction work and hauling.

The foundation for the Day Group of Companies was set and Bill worked to provide a variety of integrated services in order to better serve their customers.

There are many employees who have focused their careers around the Day Group and have dedicated themselves to the service of the company. Many of their children have, in turn, become part of the Day Group of Companies.

For more than 58 years, Bill Day and the Day Group of Companies have been working to build an enterprise that is comprised of all the services necessary to help their customers with their construction and transportation needs.

"Innovation and service excellence over the past 6 decades have been the key to our success and will continue to be the focus of the future."