Rail Services

We view things from your perspective

"Day Group offers a range of Rail Services with the right people and the right equipment, to meet preventative maintenance and capital improvements, including planned capital projects, snow removal and a switch-panel installation crew."

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As one of Northern Ontario’s leading complete-service contractor, the addition of Rail Services to our Construction, Transportation, Environmental and Aggregate divisions will provide you with a single-source solution that you can depend on, whether providing ongoing maintenance or performing emergency repairs, we complete the job on budget, on time.

One of Day's strong points on the rail is our fleet of excavators equipped with hi-tracker power carts. These units vary from 20 tonne excavators to 35 tonne excavators. The units are equipped with full air brake system on the 25-yard gravel boxes and the towed flat-beds with a certified capacity of 110,000 lbs. This allows us to bring equipment in to remote work sites.

The excavators can be equipped with a variety of buckets, brush cutters, grapples and magnets to meet endless job requirements. Also in our fleet is the 20 tonne class excavator, hi-rail equipped, with many of the same attachments as the track excavators. It comes with its own 14 yard gravel box and 10 tonne lorry.

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The Right Equipment

  • Excavators
  • Bucket options
  • Accessories
  • Power Cart
  • Material Box
  • Backhoes
  • Hi-rail trucks
  • Rail/Highway Floats
  • Flatbeds

Rail  - Hi-trackerRail - Hi-tracker

Available 365 days a year

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Capital Projects
  • Remote Jobsite Transport
  • Operated Equipment
  • Unmanned Equipment
  • Highway Transport
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Derailment Salvage and Remediation
  • Environmental Bins and Services
  • Snow Removal

Excavator Power Cart / Material Box

  • Works from float or unload onsite
  • Float capacity: 20-25 metric tonnes
  • Clean shoulders, ditches, bridge sites
  • Equipped with variety of attachments: Brushing heads, hydraulic hammers, pile drivers, material grapples or magnet.
  • Material cart hauls 20 ft. sea containers, rail ties or 25 yds. granular.

rail float

Highway Floats

Day's unique highway floats feature built-in rail to accommodate on-site delivery of multiple equipment including the Mark4 Tamper. 

Rail Grapple

Hi-Rail Backhoes

The hi-rail backhoe is equipped with a tie grapple, well suited for tie change-out, wood or concrete and very suitable to switch ties.  These are great producers, limited only by the supportingmanpower.  A very mobile unit, it is excellent in use for clearing track in a short time.