Line Painting: 

Serving the Greater Sudbury, Timmins, Manitoulin and North Bay regions.
Fast, Quality, Well-Priced

Day Group offers a range of Line Painting / Line Marking services in the Greater Sudbury, Timmins, North Bay and Manitoulin regions.  With the right people and the right equipment,  we will meet your line painting needs, whether refreshing your parking lot or line marking roadways or parking lots - from schools and shopping malls to private or industrial parking lots.

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Our Line Painting services feature:

  • Mobile crews to tackle any size job

  • Reflective glass bead injection enhancing line visibility

  • Video guidance system for crisp, clean, accurate lines

  • Full traffic control during painting operations

  • A flexible system, capable of painting differing colours and line types : solid single , solid double and skip line for passing areas

  • A remote wand and stencil set to paint custom messages, stop blocks, parking lines, turn arrows and more.

  We respond promptly to all enquiries.

DSC 0107 edit2Line Painting yellowLine Painting -Beading